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BLOCKv offers the first Blockchain agnostic platform to activate 1:1 direct to consumer relationships in a fast and more effective way. When you’re ready, sign up for a free developer account to begin building vAtoms.

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Easy-to-Use Development Tools & TemplatesBLOCKv provides developer tools, support, and helpful templates to kickstart your project quickly and effectively.

Enterprise Plug & Play InteroperabilityBLOCKv offers ready-made APIs and client-side SDKs designed to be compatible with your existing infrastructure.

Blockchain Agnostic Technology StackBLOCKv allows you to future-proof your blockchain technology stack with on-chain support (Ethereum and EOS and off-chain).

Unlock the Power of vATOMS
Seamlessly Merge the Digital and Physical World with vAtoms
With a wide selection of vAtom templates and built-in actions available, we’ve made it easy for developers to quickly deploy highly interactive experiences. For example, vAtoms contain programmable attributes such as “pick up” and “drop” on a map. Attributes like these incentivize users to share with friends and interact with the physical world.

Build Frictionless Experiences Across Devices and Environments

To connect vAtoms and build front-end web, mobile and server-side applications we provide SDKs that are fully integrated with the BLOCKv platform API’s saving months in development time. A vAtom-enabled experience can be anything from a browser-based web viewer to iPhone or Android mobile apps to Smart TV apps to a 3D virtual reality viewer, providing a frictionless end user experience.

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Blockchain Agnostic Technology Stack (Ethereum, EOS & others)

You shouldn’t have to bet on which blockchain technology will win out in the future. And you shouldn’t have to waste time developing for multiple platforms. At BLOCKv, we’ve done the hard work. Our platform allows you to future-proof your blockchain technology stack so you don’t have to play guessing games or re-design your work. You can easily deploy digital objects on your blockchains of choice, such as Ethereum and EOS. We can also customize solutions with publishers who wish to develop on a private chain or off chain completely.

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